The Fable of the Bear and the Salmon

Once upon a time, in a forest by the river, there lived a strong and lazy bear. He loved to sleep all day and only hunt for food when he was hungry. One day, as he was taking a nap near the river, he noticed a salmon swimming upstream. The salmon was trying to jump over a waterfall to reach the spawning ground.

The bear was fascinated by the salmon’s determination and effort. He thought to himself, «Why should I have to work so hard to find food when this salmon is doing all the work for me?» So, he decided to catch the salmon and eat it for his dinner.

The next day, the bear waited near the waterfall for the salmon to jump. As soon as the salmon jumped, the bear caught it in his mouth. However, when the bear bit into the salmon, he was surprised to find that it tasted terrible. He threw the salmon back into the river in disgust.

The bear learned an important lesson that day. He realized that things that come too easily often lack flavor and satisfaction. He started to hunt for his own food again . From then on, he was a better and more motivated bear.

Moral of the story: Hard work brings its own rewards.

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