Tomas and the fox

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tomás, who lived in a small village surrounded by forests. Tomás was a great lover of books and spent hours reading in his room. One night, while reading a story about a brave fox, he heard a noise at his window. When he went to investigate, he found a small fox staring at him.

Tomás was surprised, but he was not afraid. The fox seemed to be looking for help, so Tomás opened the window and let him into his room. The fox told him that his family had been caught by a hunter and needed his help to rescue them. Tomás, excited by the idea of having his own adventure, agreed to help.

Together, Tomás and the fox ventured into the forest. The fox knew the way and Tomás followed with enthusiasm. Along the way, the fox taught Tomás how to detect traps and signs of danger. Tomás, in turn, told the fox about his favorite books and stories.

Finally, they reached a cabin in the middle of the forest, where the hunter had the fox’s family trapped. Tomás and the fox planned a strategy to rescue them. Tomás distracted the hunter with questions about his hunting stories while the fox freed his family.

Once free, the fox’s family thanked Tomás for his help. The fox gave Tomás a necklace with a precious stone as a reminder of his adventure. Tomás said goodbye to his new friends and returned home with a big smile on his face.

From that day on, Tomás visited his friend the fox and his family in the forest whenever he could. Together they explored the forest and told stories. Tomás learned a lot about nature and friendship because of this adventure with the fox, and he would never forget that night when a small fox called to his window.

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